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Post Date: 2nd November, 2015

Povio Labs Jobs in Ohrid/Skopje

Are you a developer always striving for something more? Do you want to peek into the world’s fastest growing startups?

At Povio Labs we collaborate on and also co-create products for more than 15 hottest startups from Silicon Valley. Coming from the world’s most prestigious accelerator – Y Combinator, they have raised more than $40M, are funded by the best VC funds such as Google Ventures, SV Angel, Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, Greylock, First Round Capital, etc. And are in the hyper-growth stage. It just doesn't get any better than this!

If you or a friend are a developer in Ohrid and would like to apply to work on these exciting projects, email hello@codequbate.me and lets get rocking.

By joining Povio Labs, you will get practical and hands-on experience unlike any other. You will be able to look into those startups and work with their founders, including ex Facebook employee and ex Lead of growth at Dropbox. The knowledge and improvement which you will receive cannot be matched! Our developers tell us they would be willing to pay for such experience if they knew what kind of journey it will be!

We have multiple open positions for iOS, Android, Ruby, Python, Angular JS, front-end, design, etc…

You can join us as a full-time employee or as an intern. In case you’re working on something else already but you realize it’s just too good to miss, you can work with us as “weekend freelancer”.

Applications are open at http://jobs.poviolabs.com/

Through CodequbateMe's collaboration with Povio Labs, we can put in a good word for anyone who's come to any of our events, Codefest or StartQube, so please let us know if you apply!

If you know anyone who would be up to the task, we reward you with Nexus 5X or iPad mini, after we employ them.