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Post Date: 23rd October, 2015

Learning will never be the same again! Brainster is officially launched

I am Petar, co-founder of Brainster - the platform that will change the way we learn real-world skills. It is my utmost pleasure to announce to you that Brainster has been officially launched today.

Our vision is to transform every city into a university, each corner into a classroom and each and everyone of us into a student and an instructor as well.

The launch has been boosted by the creation of several different courses - starting from “Course for photography” till “Storytelling: How to write for foreign media agencies”, that you can get for extremely low prices. Even though the instructors have the freedom to choose the pricing for their courses, our course recommendations are to be placed as cheaper as possible in order to be in reach for the masses.

The way Brainster is going to function, is the following: The instructors create the courses on the platform, set the price, the number of maximum attendees and location. With an integrated marketing and sales channel - coupons and rewards, Brainster empowers instructors to increase the awareness for their courses. Based on the generated course interest and the actual payments, the instructors will be paid a portion from the total sale, whereas Brainster will keep a percentage.

We believe that everyone has something valuable to teach and share. In this sense, Brainster is open to people that want to enroll, create a course, share their knowledge and earn an additional income. As we have previously mentioned, the first courses have already been scheduled and will take place at different locations such as co-working spaces, accelerators, incubators and even in coffee shops.

We are confident that the members from your organization will be interested to attend some of the free courses that have been made available to them:

The formal education will never be in line with the market needs. We will change the way people learn new skills forever!

If you still haven’t registered, now is the right time! Register and join the Brainster community.

We will be honoured and pleased at the same time, if you can share this information with your followers and make a joint effort towards the growth of Brainster’s community. We would like to offer discounts coupon (20% off) for your members, which will be applicable till the end of this week. Coupon code: brainster20.

Hoping that we can build upon this and enhance our relations for future collaboration and cooperation.

We have started the educational revolution, join us! Learn, Share, Network, Brainster

Petar Ninovski